Lady Eleanora of Rosewycke

Aka, the Mad Rose of Cornwall. Half English and half French by birth, and more than a bottle of Burgundy by choice, Eleanora was brought up in the golden heart of France's wine country. She learned to appreciate a fine vintage at her father's knee, and often charmed his friends by reciting the virtues of various wines in a piping lisp (punctuated by the occasional hiccup). The fun came to an end when her father met his, by drowning, in a vat of Bordeaux. He'd been supervising the casking, slipped on a grape, and that was that. He attempted to drink his way out but to no avail; though his corpse was very well preserved when they buried him.

Distraught, the teenage Eleanora took her mother back to her ancestral home of Rosewycke in Cornwall, where they started a small flower business. It was on her way to the market in Mousehole (South Puddingstone) that she was waylaid by a group of smugglers, who, hearing her smokey French accent raised in song, thought she was carrying French wine.

"No, but I know where to get some," she'd replied, after passing her flask of Bergerac around. "I need a ship and some strong men!" After disposing of the flowers in Mousehole, she and the smugglers hired onto the first ship they could find, bound for France. As luck would have it, it was captained by none other than her long-lost half-brother (half French, half Irish, and more than a fifth of Gude Scotch Uisque) the notorious pirate Henri The Sheep (known to the rest of the crew as Captain Wet Socks). Between the two of them, a smuggling venture was born; English flowers to France, and her late father's wine on the return voyages.


Sampling a bit o' the grape with friends, cooking, singing, embroidery, and merchanting whatever strikes her fancy (or will fit in the hold of her brother's ship. Just don't ask about the boatload of fleece... the sheep were still attached.)


Companion of the Sycamore 07/08/2006
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Svc.]) 02/21/04
Companion of the Cornelian 03/15/03
Award of Arms 07/06/02






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