Lady Felice de Thornton (Felice of York)

Felice of York (also known as Felice de Thornton)  was born in the 15th century in the city of York. Her father was a minor noble who spent much of his time in Scarborough where he worked with the Governor at Scarborough Castle.  For most of her childhood he left her in the care of his eccentric, slightly mad, widowed sister Alyce. Felice was given an unconventional education focusing on herbalism, the arts and even a  slight smattering of martial arts. Felice spent her childhood split between the family estate in Helmsley, and the townhouse in York, which her Aunt preferred.

One day Felice wasn’t overly surprised to receive a missive from her father declaring that he had brokered a match and that the following spring she would be expected to wed. Less than thrilled, but aware of the fact that it was what was expected of her, Felice acquiesced. In early fall, her fiance Percy Stanton arrived in York, with her father, his men and a fair sized entourage.

They wed at Yorkminster before Percy trundled her off to Scarborough and then by ship to his estate in the south.  The marriage was not without problem and Felice resented his constant attempts to mold her into a desirable wife. Added to his frustration with her was that despite his best efforts he was unable to get her with child.  The marriage lasted more than 8 years with no issue, and an increasing hostility between the two. Felice was not at all heartbroken when a sudden storm at sea sunk his ship and made her a widow.

Pressured to re-marry she was wed a second time to Henry de Thornton, who was a mercenary turned lording. The marriage lasted 6 years before de Thornton was found in bed with the wife of another and met a bloody end.  Deciding that at the advanced age of 38 she was unwilling to be wed yet again, Felice packed up her favorite things and made it a habit to travel.

After that where Felice went and what she did was something of a mystery.

Illumination, Calligraphy, Archery, Woodworking, Herbalism, Beekeeping
Awards: Award of Arms, Companion of the Sycamore


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