Lady Finoula McGill, called Fenris

In the words of Lady Finoula:

"I am the youngest of seven sisters. Papa married me off to Daffyd ap Llwellyn because he had a large, profitable sheep farm in Wales. I also thought he was quite dashing and went willingly into the wilds. I wondered why everything in the house was decorated in gamboling lambs until I figured out exactly why he had a sheep farm.

After several fits on my part, (and some serious blackmail), Daffyd agreed to annull our marriage. However, before he could sign the paperwork, tragedy struck. He was loitering with his favorite ewe near the rear of the manor when a rather large and ugly gargoyle broke free from its moorings and leaped from its perch. It landed heavily, crushing poor Daffyd. I saw the whole thing from an upstairs window; I was nowhere near the battlements. Honest.

Unfortunately, the authorities didn't believe me, being good friends of my late husband (and probably charter members of the same Ovis Appreciation Society, the buggers) so I was forced to flee until I could prove my innocence. Taking only the clothes on my back (and making sure I was wearing more than half of my wardrobe at the time), I made my way to Our Lady of Perpetual Bliss, an abbey run by my aunty Gwenhwyvar. After claiming Sanctuary, I slipped right out the back door and made my way to Burgundy on my sister Gilliane's ship, the Scarlet Harlot."


Fencing, filking, writing, garb, weaving, illumination, cartooning, dance, jewelry, jousting, anything to do with horses or weaponry. I'm also a merchant of headwear, jewelry, accessories and clothing.


Order of the Keystone 4/6/14 AS 48
Companion of the Golden Alce 2/13/10
Companion of the Capstaon (Delftwood [A&S]) 9/5/09
Companion of the Sycamore 6/28/08
Companion of the Millguard (Delftwood [Mart.]) 9/1/07
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Srvc.]) 9/10/05
Award of Arms 6/25/05
Seamstress To The Crown (East) 09/28/02


Offices: Seneshal



Purpure, three fleurs de lis argent within a bordure ermine




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