Lady Gillian McGill de Verona

Gillian is the middle child of seven daughters of the prosperous Edinburgh merchant Angus McGill. The McGill called her his "guid wee lassie" because she never outwardly caused him a lick of trouble, unlike her sisters. Though most of her other sisters were married off early, Gillian stayed by her father's side, dutifully caring for him and his various mistresses until one day a thunderbolt struck her, in the form of Antonio Matteo Piaccelli.

Darling Antonio, as he quickly came to be known, took one look at the shy, reserved Gillian and said "Mama mia! That's a spicy meatball! Or-a, she will be, once I take-a a good bite!" Unfortunately, he got a chamberpot upside the head for his troubles. That didn't stop Antonio; he was just as determined to win her as she was to remain unwooed. He plied her with flowers, at which she started sneezing gustily. He gave her jewelry, which caused her to bring out the beadwork she'd done that was much prettier. He brought her wine, and she in turn handed him a cordial she'd made that made his vino taste like vinegar.

In frustration he offered her his ship and its cargo of rare asian silks. With a smile, she chose the most expensive bolts out of which to make her wedding dress, bid her father farewell, and all but dragged Antonio to the altar.

Alas, wedded bliss was not to last for very long. Darling Antonio conveniently drowned off the coast of Spain in 1480, as he and his first mate were washed overboard by a huge, rather freakish, rogue wave. Gillian was heiress to a fleet of three sailing vessels that she immediately rechristened the Scarlot Harlot, the Avenging Angel and the Sea Witch, as well as a prosperous trading house for fabrics from all over the Mediterranean. Needless to say, she is her best advertisement for the quality of her goods (read: she's a clothes horse)


She is a brewer of delicious cordials, seamstress, embroiderer, beader, as well as an illuminator and beginning calligrapher. She is also an avid spectator of the martial arts.

Motto: Ut Cunque! (What Ever!)


Companion of the Sycamore  8/7/08
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Srvc.])  12/15/07
Companion of the Capstan (Delftwood [A&S])  2/17/07Award of Arms (East)  7/27/02


Azure, a crescent, in chief three fleurs-de-lys, an orle argent





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