The Honorable Lady Juliana Stafford

I'm one of seven sisters McGill. Our father, a Scottish merchant, used his daughters to secure his trade routes. I got the Englishman, Fenris got the Welshman, Gilly got the Italian. You get the idea. We try to stay out of trouble, but unfortunately, trouble has this nasty habit of continuing to find us.

That's how I met the man that Papa ultimately married me to; Trouble not only walked up and introduced himself to me, he turned the other cheek. And I pinched him on it. Unfortunately Papa saw, made some inquiries, and the next thing I know, my sheep are in his pen, I'm in his ancestral home of Stafford, and he's wondering what's for dinner.

I have to say, being married to an English glass merchant has it's advantages; my personal Scriptorium gets lots of light no matter what time of year.


Calligraphy, illumination, weaving, dance, sewing, knitting, spinning, fencing, garb making, merchanting


Companion of the Sycamore 6/27/09
Companion of the Capstan (Delftwood [A&S])  2/7/09
Companion of the Keystone 2/17/07
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Srvc.]) 12/9/06
Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 9/26/98
Companion of the Maunch (East) 1/20/96
Award of Arms (East) 2/29/92

Offices: Chronicler


Per bend sinister embattled, or and vert, a pine tree couped and a cross fleury counterchanged




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