The Honorable Lady Moniczka Elzbietka Poznanska

Oh what a tangled web she weaves when Lady Moniczka Elzbietka Poznanska practices her tablet weaving. They say that she could trace her lineage back to the Fates, as her hands are always busy spinning, measuring, snipping, and mangling fibers. Left to her own devices, Lady M formed the String Torturers Local 1313 when her husband, Pan Piotr Poznanski wandered off to war in 1410.

Her husband, despite local rumors to the contrary, was NOT the trumpeter who was killed in the famous battle of Krakow while sounding the alarm. Niczka’s husband was the swordsman who was guarding the trumpeter and wound up catching an arrow to the chest. The enemy was merely testing the range, and the poor bugger took the first shot

Unfortunately the rest of the Polish army couldn’t save him, so he’s now the unsung hero of the battle (mostly because they couldn’t spell his name.) Poor Moniczka received her husband’s body home, sans his head, because it had gotten tucked in some Mongol’s wallet.

Niczka mourned Piotr for many, many years, wrapped in her cold widowhood. She planted a pear tree in his honor on the border of her property, so that all would know of his sacrifice. The tree flourished, sparking a heated legal battle between the widow and her neighbors, Arbo Bogusz. After many years, on that fateful day in 15XX, the oldest son Pan Henryk Bogusz came home and took stock of the situation. Being a good mercenary, he not only took possession of the tree, he also, in his persistently rakish manner, took possession of the widow. Now she happily wraps him in her web of yarn, while he enthusiastically makes her pear preserves.


Fiber Arts: knitting, embroidery, lucet, spinning


Order of the Sycamore (Pen v Sword II) 4/6/14 AS 48
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Srvc.]) 05/10/08
Companion of the Calon Lily (w/ GoA) (Calontir) 07/27/2002
Companion of the Torse (Calontir) 05/06/1995
Companion of the Leather Mallet (Calontir) 05/14/1994
Award of Arms (Calontir) 02/25/1989

Offices: Exchequer, Mistress of Arts & Sciences


Per fess azure and argent, a unicorn couchant and a threaded sewing needle counterchanged.




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