The Honorable Lady Svana in Kyrra

Named for her Grandfather Sven the Slightly Obnoxious, Svana the Quiet is loosely related to the McGill sisters by virtue of her mother being The McGill's third mistress, Inga Svensdottir. Inga and the McGill got involved when he journeyed to the icy fjords of Sweden in search of inkle looms to add to his cargo. Raised in her native country, Svana was brought to Scotland by her mother and introduced to her father upon her majority. The McGill was heard to comment, "Excellent! What country haven't I married into yet?"

Fleeing in disgust, she arrived in England and apprenticed herself to one of the Royal Embroiderers. After blackworking herself comfortably around Europe, she decided to settle in England, where everyone had such charming accents.

It was while attending a Masked Ball in a fashionable district of London that she ran into her future husband-literally. Her carriage ran over Garrett Williamson in a dark alley as he was plying his former trade of cat-burglary.


Playing the recorder, dancing, cooking, weaving, sewing, but not all at the same time.


Order of the Fleur of Æthelmearc 2/8/14, AS 48
Companion of the Sycamore 6/10/06
Companion of the Capstan (Delftwood A&S) 10/9/04
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood Svc.) 07/12/03
Award of Arms 2/1/03


Vert, on a chevron Or five golpes and in base a needle threaded all within a bordure Or


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